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11 good start to training

11 good start to training

11 good start to training

Among the 50 companies and projects in the Startup Vietnam 2022 voting round, 11 are candidates for Education Startups.

These candidates bring new ideas and methods to improve the teaching and learning process at all levels.

Voting for the 50 best startups in Vietnam is possible until September 9th.  Photo: Luu Quy

Voting for the 50 best startups in Vietnam is possible until September 9th. See: Lu Kui

9 minutes

9MIN Multilingual Learning Program by Techco., SJC created a learning program with a plan to follow a weak market and learn learning and testing practices to help students acquire the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing at a lower cost. 9MIN hopes to help millions of people learn languages ​​faster so they can achieve their goals. This program has raised a total of $900,000 in pre-seed and seed rounds.

The teacher

February 2018. The established educational platform TutorU offers online lessons in small groups. TutorU has features such as searching online lessons by topic, flexible schedules, direct communication with experienced teachers… The platform promises to solve existing limitations, bringing benefits to both parties, with the teacher earning more and the student learning. Get more valuable knowledge.


Rolish English Assistant is an online learning and learning platform for Android and iOS for English, founded in 2020. The month of October. The program is based on the competency framework model to help users move from basic to proficient English in a short period of time. A spokesman for Riolish said it offers more scientific and intuitive learning methods such as the linked triad model, dictation and interactive descriptions of exercise images.


Founded in September 2021, DeepView promises to encourage focused, self-directed learning by offering a “virtual” button to embed as an extension on any educational video website. Users get quiz questions to answer, earn bonus points and exchange for gifts or whatever, knowing how well they understand the content. The application can be used in many cases, for example in schools, companies or advertising campaigns. Deepview received investment from Zone Startup Vietnam and has had major clients such as Phoenix Online University and New Image Company.


In the year It is a system that helps students practice English with virtual speakers born in 2018. The month of January. The system connects students with teachers, provides materials, prompts them to listen and helps build confidence in communicating in English.

The iCorrect Ministry of Education and Training “Youth Knowledge for Education 2021” is one of the top five projects, the top 7 digital products entered the final stages of the Vietnam Talent Competition 2019 and were awarded once by Google Play. New and updated application category. The system surpassed the $65,000 mark before launch.


Chemical AR Research (CHARLES) is an Augmented Reality (AR) technology application for simulating chemical experiments in education. The program was created in January based on his practical experience from studying chemistry at school, which lacked the practical experience to create dry and abstract theories. Chars provides chemistry information, flashcards, experiments, and answers to engage students and learn more about chemistry.

school attendance

The school and family information system was launched in January with four major functions including centralization and management, general information, selection tools and intelligence. School Service helps schools manage, monitor and analyze effectively. Meanwhile, families can access information about their children’s education and related information. The system passed the pre-development phase with a capital of $15,000.


In December 2020. Hola’s online training website development platform provides support for classrooms, organizers and businesses to meet their online training needs. The product has many features such as comprehensive management, high security, multi-device compatibility, low cost, multi-device connection from different platforms, while meeting the needs of the brand. Hull passed the pre-seed phase, with the founder investing $100,000 in capital.

Have fun

eJoy is a cross-platform language learning ecosystem. According to a representative of this startup, the difference of this platform compared to its competitors is the learning experience where users can learn languages ​​in different ways such as: B. Reading newspapers, watching movies, understanding content via a web translation tool. . Here they learn the four skills of English, including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

school of thought

School of Thought was founded in 2018. June to address online learning needs and administrative and training gaps. Synchronous communication system between components and synchronization of information management. In terms of international relations, the School of Thinking has a branch in Switzerland. The system was maintained by facility staff with a capital of $10,000.

One Group Vietnam

Onekids – One Team One School was born in 2017. May is a platform for school administration, communication and exchange between families, teachers and schools. It is a collection of applications for each user group such as teachers, parents and students, easy to use and full of management support features.

Participate in voting for Vietnam’s 50 Best Startups in 2022

Startup Vietnam is an annual event. VnExpress A company looking for potential start-up projects in Vietnam. The theme of the programme, now in its sixth edition, is “A New Era of Innovation”. The tournament’s total prize pool is almost two billion dong, which will be awarded to the top 20 teams. The winning team will receive a cash prize of VND 50 million and a communications package of VND 200 million.

More than a month after its launch, Startup Viet 2022 has received more than 300 applications. The program pre-screened 50 applications in a voting phase between August 16 and September 9. The 20 best projects from 50 profiles advance to the semi-finals based on reader votes and results of the advisory board.

The quality of the startup is evaluated based on criteria related to organizational structure, products and services, target market, business model and replicability of the model. The program’s expert team consists of mentors, startup experts, investors, venture capital funds and successful entrepreneurs.

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